Thursday, September 29, 2011

Papercrafting with Purpose

The very reason I didn't want to start a blog has occurred ... nothing to post. It's not that I don't have anything to say about paper. It's in my life (and yours) constantly every day. I've tried to put something up here, but it seems to fall a little flat. That's another reason I didn't want to start a blog ... being boring.

BUT ... Here's something that brought tears to my eyes.  Click on this link to read what a few of our American heros have to say about being able to write letters home on hand made cards.

I've developed a soft heart for this "project" and seeing the responses from those across the sea is a giant motivator. It motivates me to do three main things ...

1 - pray for our troops
2 - send more cards their way
3 - write a letter

You can join me in any of those areas. You can pray and write a letter all by yourself, but in order to send cards you'll have to connect with someone. I will be sending a box to OWH once a month during this school year. I'm just getting it started, but once this is in full swing I hope to draw lots of people in to help me out. If you have one or more hand made cards that you're would like to donate please contact me and I'll make sure they get in one of my packages.

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