Friday, May 26, 2017

Going Green Blog Hop

Today I'm hopping along with some very talented ladies to highlight my all time favorite color for my whole entire life!!! GREEN  (is this too enthusiastic?)

If you came here from Lovely Lalia's blog then you're hopping along just right. You may also start here and go from one artist to another. Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of each post. 

As I mentioned, green is my favorite color. It's also one of the school colors for the high school my kids all graduated from. I took this opportunity to take out some of those graduation photos that haven't made it to the page yet. Tis this season so I'm inspired even though these pictures are two years ago. Believe it or not I had them printed the summer after graduation.

I printed 80 photos, which is most likely the reason that I never scrapped this event. Less is more people!!! The pictures aren't the best quality either. Sometimes I forget that we aren't creating something for a competition. We're putting together our family memories. Bad photos still capture the moment. Our layouts don't have to look like magazine pages.

In any case, I narrowed the 80 down to 27!! That's not much better but I still used most of those. Check it out. Here's my basic layout. It's simple and I was able to use up a whole lot of buttons!

Once it's in the album this is what happens. I put these mini page protectors in between the two pages.

Keep your eye on the center section.

It's pretty much like a magic trick. I didn't labor over this layout at all. Sometimes that's the best kind of scrapbooking. Get out the green stuff and make something!

Thank you for hopping by. Check out what Stephanie has for you by clicking HERE.

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